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Ben 10 Omniverse

Turner Broadcasting / Cartoon Network

Commissioned by Turner / CartoonNetwork to help conceive and design a high brow promo. Including on air and digital assets for Cartoon Networks popular global IP Ben 10. As part of an international marketing campaign for the new season.

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Ben 10 Omniverse Campaign

Probe design concept and 3D render / Galaxy build environment render

Ben 10 Omniverse D1_Probe Design V1 P2.j
Ben 10 Omniverse D1_Probe 3D Buld P1.jpg
Ben 10 Omniverse D1_Galaxy P1.jpg
Ben 10 Omniverse D1_Probe Design V1 P1.j

Ben 10 Omniverse Campaign

Research, refrence and mood boards

Ben 10 Omniverse_FPV, cockpit infographi
Ben 10 Omniverse_Probe design and colour
Ben 10 Omniverse_Space galaxy refrence.j
Ben 10 Omniverse_Warp travel motion refr
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