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4 Music

Channel 4 / Box Plus Network

Re branding / facing a popular music network channel will always present its own unique challenge. Having been some years since 4 Music had received any TLC, the in house creative team and SKC set about creating and implementing a design philosophy and aesthetic that would complement the Channel Four family, but sustain a flavor and identity of its own. One that sits with the contemporary and future digital world. Placing the viewer in control and appropriating the information in a way that was informative, minimal and unobtrusive.

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4 Music

On Screen Presentation

4M_TA_OSP_M03_V1 (0-00-04-23).png
4M_TA_OSP_M03_V1 (0-00-10-18).png
4M_INFO_OSP_M02_Three Page_DJK (0-00-11-
4Music_INFOF_Animation_M02_Three Page_DJ

4 Music

Digital Banners and social media advertising

Digital Banners_Twitter V1.png
Digital Banners_Twitter V2.png
Digital Banners_Facebook 1080 SQ V1.png
Digital Banners_Facebook 1080 SQ V2.png
Digital Banners_Snapchat V1.png
Digital Banners_Box Plus Net 01_V2.png
Digital Banners_Youtube 1258 x 205 (204.
Digital Banners_Youtube 1258 x 205 (204.
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